Off and Running at xChange13

Day one started with a bang! In a new format, xChange13 got right down to business at 8:00 AM on Monday. Serena President and CEO Greg Hughes immediately set the tone and vision of the conference.  Watch the video to the right.  He talked about the challenges facing the industry as we navigate through releasing applications with greater velocity and greater throughput 24×7 under never-before pressure to meet time-to-market, compliance and control needs.

Serena’s head of development laid out the future of the product set and highlighted many of the cool new features that are in the upcoming releases. The common threads of greater accessibility, closer collaboration and more automation were reflected time and again as Serena’s solutions continue to evolve as the premier solution for enterprises who are serious about release management.

The Monday keynote presentation was delivered by Damon Edwards from DTO Solutions. Damon is a famous podcaster and author on the world of DevOps and one of the founders of the DevOps movement. He set the record straight: DevOps is not something one can buy, but it is something one can be. He made it clear that People and Process trumped Technology and that all successful DevOps initiatives come from a change in culture that pervades the organization from the leaders in the business to the practitioners in the data center.  Watch the video of his presentation!

The day closed with the traditional Partner Reception and the room was abuzz with talk about the exciting challenges ahead.

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