Newly Updated Solutions Across Orchestrated IT

The new and enhanced products introduced today add developer-driven continuous delivery with cloud provisioning; IT catalog, control and analytics on phones and tablets; and full-cycle social IT capabilities to Serena’s Orchestrated IT solutions.  Thus Serena’s Orchestrated IT solutions now provide powerful support for the agile enterprise.

Development-Driven Release Management and Cloud Deployment

Serena Release Manager has added Development-driven release management to its already rich support for Operations-driven release management.  Development-driven releases are characterized by continuous delivery, which are especially useful during pre-production phases of the application delivery lifecycle.

Serena Release Manager also supports intelligent deployments, which deploy only what has changed, reducing deployment time and costs, and minimizing business risk.  Last but not least, Serena Release Manager now provides enhanced cloud deployment ability, including scheduling and tracking deployments to Amazon Web Services.

Social IT Collaboration

Serena Service Manager is the first Serena Orchestrated IT solution to incorporate the new Orchestrated IT Feed. Leveraging social IT capabilities to resolve issues quickly, the Orchestrated IT Feed allows stakeholders to monitor and participate in a customized activity stream and make more informed decisions as a team. Stakeholders can find and collaborate with an expert, “follow” an item, person or issue, and receive updates via Twitter, Yammer, email or SMS.

Mobile Catalog and Requests

The new Serena Mobile Request Center takes the request fulfillment process mobile, allowing both business and IT users to conveniently browse services and associated SLAs, as well as submit, monitor, fulfill or approve requests from any mobile device. With support including iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Android, Serena Mobile Request Center enables approved users in the front of back office to monitor the status of requests and key metrics on the go.

Mobile IT Analytics

The new Serena Mobile Dashboard brings important IT analytics to the Apple iPad. With executive adoption of tablets for business on the rise, the Serena Mobile Dashboard lets IT executives use the iPad to access and interact with the latest KPIs and dashboards. Intuitive drill-downs, simple data manipulation and rapid personalization make it easy to find the right information at the right time to run IT more efficiently.

The Serena Mobile Dashboard is available now on the Apple App Store.

Social Capabilities for Process Management

Serena Business Manager is the process management platform at the core of all Serena Orchestrated IT solutions. The new Orchestrated IT Feed, Serena’s latest innovation in social IT, makes it easy for IT stakeholders to access and collaborate on the latest information relevant to their jobs. Stakeholders can choose to receive task-related updates in real time via Twitter, Yammer, email or SMS.

Discover the power of Orchestrated IT!  Watch a 2-minute video describing the challenges of coordinating Apps and Ops, and how Serena Orchestrated IT can get IT to work perfectly in sync.


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