New version of NetIQ Access Review released

NetIQ is pleased to announce NetIQ Access Review 1.1, the latest update to NetIQ Identity & Access Management Solutions. NetIQ Access Review is a new addition to NetIQ’s strong portfolio of access governance solutions. By offering both NetIQ Access Review and NetIQ Access Governance Suite, we are giving our customers greater flexibility when determining the best approach for their organization’s access governance needs.

NetIQ Access Review is a focused product that addresses a specific use case within the realm of access governance – the access recertification campaign. The number one driver for access recertifications is compliance. NetIQ Access Review enforces the principle of least privilege to help ensure users have access to only the resources they need. By automating access recertification processes from start to finish, our customers can meet compliance requirements and reduce errors that can expose their organization to risk.

So what do you get when you buy NetIQ Access Review? Key functionality covers three critical areas:

  • First, NetIQ Access Review helps you collect and review entitlement and access data across the entire enterprise.
  • Second, it provides context around usage and access levels, including flagging high risk users, so business stakeholders know where to focus their reviews.
  • Finally, it works with NetIQ Identity Manager to automate the process of revoking access or shutting down accounts with too much access.

Learn more about how you can easily certify who has access to what, protect corporate assets and streamline your next access recertification process. Visit the website, download the product brief and watch this webcast that includes a demo.

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