New Test Server Release

The latest release of Micro Focus Studio Enterprise Edition Test Server (Test Server) is available from today, 4th October.

Test Server is a mainframe application execution environment on Windows, which means that applications running within the Test Server environment behave just as they would on the mainframe. So now it is possible to perform a variety of pre-production testing on low cost commodity hardware.

This means that test cycles are no longer constrained by scarce mainframe processing power.  In addition test capacity expands substantially, so you can scale up your testing easily to meet delivery timelines driven by the business.  It also means that your test environment can include business users and developers integration SOA applications with the mainframe.

By scaling up test capacity on a low-cost commodity platform, you can contain and even reduce the cost of testing, as well as reducing mainframe MIPS consumption. Quality improves as you are able to identify issues sooner in the development cycle, reduce costly rework and increase the testing that can be accomplished in shorter time frames. There’s also a valuable impact on innovation as your Java and .NET programmers gain access to a more responsive and accessible environment to perform testing on.

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