New Release of Attachmate Managed File Transfer, FileXpress 7.2

New Release Improves Compliance and Streamlines File Transfers

Organizations continue to prioritize secure data transfers. Gartner Analyst Ben Huang highlighted this in a recent report, “What You Need to Understand Before You Assess Managed File Transfer Technology,” noting that methods like email and FTP have severe deficiencies that managed file transfer (MFT) solutions can address.

Given the continued need for a data movement solution that improves compliance and streamlines file transfers, Attachmate just announced the availability of Attachmate FileXpress Internet Server 7.2 and FileXpress Command Center 7.2, the newest versions of Attachmate’s managed file transfer software.

One of the most common complaints that we hear from IT managers is that one-off requests for provisioning file transfers repeatedly interrupts their work in other ongoing major projects. FileXpress addresses those concerns with a strategic approach to managed file transfer, making it easier for IT managers.

Additionally, the latest version of FileXpress expands automation, authentication and administration capabilities making FileXpress Internet Server and FileXpress Command Center more powerful than ever.

For details, including a list of new features and benefits, please visit the Attachmate website, “Attachmate FileXpress 7.2 Improves Compliance and Streamlines File Transfers.

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