New Infographic: Files and Tribulations, the Importance of Managed File Transfer

Enterprise software vendors, both inside and outside of the managed file transfer space, love to talk about solutions.

“Our solution delivers unparalleled scalability, security, and reliability…”
“We provide the market-leading solution for management of…”
“Unlike Brand X, our solution offers 99.999% uptime guarantee…”

In today’s blog post we’re taking a break from solutions. And with a nod to Justin Timberlake, we’re “bringing sexy problems back.”

Problems are important! If we don’t know what ails us, the best solution won’t help. In the managed file transfer business, there are many problems to address. We had some fun describing a few of them in the infographic below.

[Note: For those wanting to share on their own blogs or websites, we’ve provided embed code, a link to a hi-res version of the infographic, and a PDF “slideshow” version below. And thanks for sharing, btw!]

Managed File Transfer Infographic via @FileXpress

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Download a hi-res (7.7MB) of this graphic here.

Download a PDF slideshow of this graphic here.

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