New HFS/Java Support in Serena ChangeMan ZMF v7

During “The Kitchen Sink + Everything About the New HFS/JAVA Support in ChangeMan ZMF” VUG session on December 7, John Skelton did a great job taking us through the implementation of Java support in ZMF as well as support for the USS, HFS and zFS file systems. In this presentation John went into deep technical detail of the ZMF v7 design objectives, the architectural changes, the approach from each client type (ISPF, ZDD, Eclipse), how to build Java components, building JAR files and getting Java applications into ZMF.

For those who attended the VUG, we would like to apologize for a couple of technical issues.  While the content that John provided was excellent, there were glitches in the execution due to both technical and human error.  We have learned from these mistakes and can assure you that they will not happen again.  Please accept our apologies.

As promised, here are the questions that we did not get to, along with the answers:

Q: ­Is there any work being done specifically related to CICS Web services; related to WSDLs and WSBIND files?­ 

A:  ZMF will treat those files like any other in the repository.  The Eclipse platform provides built-in editors for working with WSDL files.  As the WSBIND files are generated from a CICS utility, the ZMF build process that creates the WSBIND files (DFHWS2LS/DFHLS2WS) can be customized to store the files in ZMF.

Q: ­Can you expand on editors that will be available?  I am interested in the Eclipse components in conjunction with Compuware Eclipse plugins and SlickEdit language intelligent editor.­ 

A: The various editors are part of the Eclipse platform.  Different editors may be installed/enabled from a variety of sources and vendors.  Serena has already assisted customers in running the ZMF4ECL plugin in the Compuware Workbench environment.  I would anticipate integrations with SlickEdit to work as well.

Q: ­Is Serena planning to provide a build procedure for SQLJ Java Stored Procedures­? 

A: We don’t have one at this time.  This sounds like an excellent enhancement request.

Q: ­Is there a facility to copy HFS files to multiple LPARs in a single system when installing a package in ZMF v7?­ 

A: This may be accomplished by customizing the ZMF install  SKELS at your site.  There are a number of ways to accomplish this depending on your environment/setup.

Q: ­Is DB2 Connect supported with ZMF v7?­ 

A: Not at this time.  In the past, ChangeMan ZMF worked with DB2 Connect via a REXX interface into DSNTPSMP that IBM has since stopped supporting.  The equivalent to DSNTPSMP procedures supplied by IBM are modules without exit or integration  points, so there is currently no way to access this from ZMF.  A solution to this is currently being researched by the ZMF development team (ENH184950).

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