New Features in Serena ChangeMan ZMF

During the “Ask the Experts” session at the Serena Mainframe Virtual User Group meeting earlier this month, a few questions about the newest version of ChangeMan ZMF went unanswered due to the lack of time.  Mark Levy, Serena Software Mainframe product manager, and I went through them and provide the answers here.

Q: For ChangeMan ZMF v6, the product moved from DB2 to linear VSAM.  What are the benefits and risks that you have seen? 

A: In ChangeMan ZMF v6, the Impact Analysis function was moved from being based on DB2 to a z/OS data space, backed by linear VSAM. This was done for several reasons: performance, ability to better manage Java components, and the ability to expose Impact Analysis XML services, which could not be done under the DB2 implementation. In doing so, we have provided a utility which will allow users to offload this data back into a DB2 table in case they have SQL that they would like to continue to run against this data. This move eliminates the requirement for DB2 for dynamic IA updates. Now everyone has the benefit of real-time updates to their Impact Analysis data, even if they do not have DB2.

Q: Is there a plan to manage data through ChangeMan ZMF also? 

A: ChangeMan ZMF has the ability to manage data components throughout the lifecycle, assuming that these are components that do not get built, compiled, have external dependencies that would require audit or impact analysis.  However, ZMF is primarily used for managing objects that relate to code (src, load, JCL, DBRM etc.)

Q: Is the Eclipse plug-in part of ChangeMan ZMF?

A: The Eclipse plug-in is an option that is part of the ChangeMan ZMF Client Pack, which also includes an Eclipse Plugin for Rational Developer and ChangeMan ZDD.

Q: What exactly is in ChangeMan HANA? What are the exciting features? 

A: HANA is the code name for the next major release of ChangeMan ZMF.  The proposed features are still in the early stages of research.

Q: Are you going to integrate PeopleSoft systems?

A: There are no current plans for a PeopleSoft implementation at this time. With ChangeMan ZMF’s web and XML services, customers or Serena Professional Services have the ability to do these types of integrations.

Q: What platforms will ChangeMan ZMF support for managing and deploying WebSphere?

A: ChangeMan ZMF will support the deployment of WebSphere applications and components on z/OS.

If you have additional questions, feel free to post a comment below or visit the ChangeMan ZMF page.

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