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SilkPerformer 2011 contains important new features to help meet the high performance expectations of mobile application users.

New simulation capabilities can simulate up to hundreds of thousands of Android, iPhone and Blackberry users.  As well as delivering a realistic load on an application, it also simulates bandwidth limitations of mobile network connections – giving a real measure of an application’s performance on a mobile.

SilkPerformer’s mobile simulation technology is fully compatible with SilkPerformer Cloudburst, making it easy to emulate traffic of mobile devices from different parts of the world.

SilkPerformer 2011 highlights include:

>        NEW Mobile application testing capabilities

>        Extended Web 2.0 application support

>        NEW reporting options

>        Usability enhancements

SilkCentral Test Manager 2011: Already a powerful, open software test management solution for both agile and traditional development projects, SilkCentral Test Manager 2011 now makes it even easier for you to manage and control your testing activities with a range of new capabilities.

In particular, Excel Test Authoring can reduce the time and cost of creating test cases as distributed project teams enter test cases in Excel and synchronize them with SilkCentral.

Customizable reports for requirements and execution summaries are also available as is support for Apache Tomcat 7.0 and Update Rally, all with a new, friendlier, more accessible interface.

SilkCentral Test Manager 2011 makes it possible to:

>        Incorporate tests developed by distributed teams

>        Simplify reporting from popular displays

>        Easily navigate to important views and activities

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