The Net Promoter® Education Difference



The Education Difference

Education.  This is not normally a touchpoint along the customer journey that most people think of when describing the main interaction points with a company.  However, at Micro Focus we operate a very different Customer Experience model to the industry normal.  We statistically analyse which touchpoints along the customer journey provide the greatest impact on the overall relationship with our customers.  This analysis removes bias and allows us to focus on what matters most to our customers.  Leveraging double-blind Competitive Benchmark research, across all of software, Training/Education provides 5% of the reason why customers gave the Net Promoter® Score that they did.

5%.  This may not sound like much, but this percentage shows that many customers (across a 15,000-respondent data set), find Education to be highly important.  When we look at Micro Focus, and how we perform, we are one of the best in the industry for Education and Training. This is important.  Our customers therefore will understand our products better and get the most out of them.

What does quality Education and Training ultimately mean? Less time with support for example! Faster project completion! Better ROI! The list goes on…..

In it to win it

What makes our performance even more spectacular is where we came from and our relative improvement against the competition. Looking at the graph above, in FY19’RQ4, Micro Focus was ranked at being just 5% better than the average competitor in the industry, we are now (in FY20’RQ3) ranked as being 9% better.  This 4% improvement is an achievement but also consider that for Training, we are now ranked as second in the entire software industry.  This shows how committed we are to ensure our customers are armed with all knowledge and information to truly leverage the power of Micro Focus software.  Other clear improvements include how strategic we are, our website experience, our financing, and our sales experience.

Find out more about our Education & Training here and don’t hesitate to contact me on Twitter to talk directly if you’d like.

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