Muy bueno! COBOL – making waves on Mexican TV

In a notable coup for Micro Focus, our colleagues in LATAM recently took COBOL, the world’s most versatile language, to an entirely new platform – Mexican TV! In a wide-ranging, live interview, Miguel Fito, Solutions Director for Iberia & LATAM, promoted COBOL to an estimated 3m people with more streaming the show through the Internet.

He certainly made the most of this valuable opportunity, promoting our World without COBOL video and promoting both the Micro Focus Academy Program and the COBOL Coding Contest  – currently wowing the world’s would-be gamers. Money can’t buy exposure like this – and we didn’t have to, as Miguel appeared by invitation on Excelsior TV. See the performance for yourself right here.

Ricardo Montes, Marketing & Comms Manager for IBERIA-LA commented, “This was a rare and very welcome opportunity to showcase one of our cornerstone products to a new audience in a different format – namely live and streamed. Miguel did a great job, focusing on how Visual COBOL can meet many of today’s Business Challenges, such as moving to the cloud and going mobile. We’re ready to maximize the new opportunities it will bring us.”




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