Modernization. Clearing a Pathway to Success. New Standish Group Research report.



What do you do when you’re faced with three choices, each of which answers your business pain? When the problem is staring you in the face, the thing to do is break down the solutions one by one, piece by piece, to determine the best, most advantageous and most effective course of action.

This is what the Standish Group has done in its report: Modernization. Clearing a Pathway to Success.

Using a real life engagement, the report illustrates the advantages and disadvantages of three approaches to an organization’s need to improve or migrate a mission critical business application: rewrite, replace with a package and modernize the application. Each option is studied in detail – with core characteristics mapped against the Standish Group’s database of some 70,000 IT projects.

Read the detailed report here – and ask yourself, what course of action would you take?

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