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The use of mobile devices has greatly improved productivity in the workplace. Users can more easily access systems, quickly communicate and collaborate, and even create and share documents and files on their mobile devices (Micro Focus Filr is a great solution for this). In fact, a recent survey by Samsung and Frost & Sullivan found that respondents who use a smartphone to get work done gain nearly an hour of work time and personal time each day (58 minutes). Plus, they experience a productivity increase of 34 percent! Mobile device usage for work does, indeed, boost productivity.

The need for mobile printing

These productivity gains can be stifled, however, if you can’t supply one major need: printing from a mobile device. Many organizations lack the ability for users to print from a mobile device, as well as the ability to print across multiple office locations—these are especially important with the ever-growing mobile workforce. In other words, mobility increases productivity, but those gains can be erased if your workforce cannot print from any device, to any location.

Print security

The pitfalls of printing with mobile devices are compounded when it comes to security. After printing an item, users might get distracted, leaving a potentially sensitive document sitting on the printer for anyone to see. Or, maybe you have opened up your printers for anyone to access. This creates an open spot for access to your network. Security is an important aspect of printing, especially with mobile.

Mobile printing is the solution

You can solve these issues by implementing a mobile printing solution. When evaluating a mobile enterprise print solution, look for the following:

– Print from any device
– Centralized print management
– Self-service printing (print without help from IT)
– Integration with your directory service
– Hold printing until a user is at the printer
– Leverage your existing printers
– Secure printing

Micro Focus can help!

Micro Focus iPrint is an ideal solution for your mobile printing needs. With iPrint you get a single, scalable solution for managing all of your printing across multiple office locations, from any device. iPrint enables users to print to your current printers from their desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. For mobile printing, users can download an app that enables them to print from their mobile devices directly to any of your organization’s printers. Even if they’re halfway around the world, they can use the “Open in” or “Share with” capabilities on their phone or tablet to print from their mobile applications to an iPrint printer. Your users can select the printer from a list and adjust all the basic print specifications through a simple, touch-screen-friendly interface.

iPrint reduces help desk calls and the complexity of printer setups by enabling end users to easily locate and install printers. It provides global access to printers, customizable views of any print environment, flexible print deployment configurations, and easy, secure printing.

To protect sensitive or secure documents, iPrint features WalkUp Printing. This feature uses a submit, acknowledge, and release printing method. This means that documents won’t print until the user is at the printer. Using WalkUp Printing helps users feel more secure about printing sensitive information and also reduces paper waste.

The mobile workforce is here to stay, so ensure that you can provide the functionality they demand. iPrint gives your users true mobile printing, for any device.

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