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Mobile communication continues to be a staple for work communication. Whether it’s email on a smartphone, calling clients or coworkers, or sending texts to potential customers, mobile is essential for today’s business. In fact, a recent study by Samsung of professionals, site workers, field service workers, drivers, public safety workers, and healthcare workers found that, of this group, 93% use a smartphone for work every day! The survey also found that this group spends 33% of their day using cellphones at work.

Why Archive Mobile?

With so many workers using mobile devices for work communication, it’s essential for your organization to manage and maintain oversight of this data. The information your employees share is part of your corporate identity and knowledge share. This data needs to be protected and you need to have insight into what is being communicated. Here are three more important reasons to archive mobile communication:

Regulatory compliance. Regulated industries, such as healthcare, financial services, government, and others, need to be especially mindful of regulations. These industries have strict guidelines on preserving employee communication, even on mobile devices.

Litigation and eDiscovery. All organizations need to preserve and be able to readily produce mobile communication data in case of litigation. It’s inevitable that organizations will be involved in some type of legal action, either as a plaintiff, a defendant, or an interested third party. Because of this, you need to be prepared. You need to be able to produce communication data, even for mobile.

Corporate memory preservation. Employee mobile communication information is part of your organization’s history, or its corporate memory. You need to able to preserve that information.

These reasons, and many more, show why it’s essential to capture and archive mobile communication data. But how can you do it easily and effectively?

Mobile Carrier Archiving

Mobile carrier archiving is one solution to the need to archive mobile communication data. All traditional text messages and multimedia messages (SMS/MMS) are sent via the mobile carrier network. As such, integration with mobile carriers can allow you to capture and archive these messages. You need the right solution to do this. With this ability, you will have the oversight you need, while allowing employees to communicate using mobile.

Mobile Communication Oversight

Regardless of the size of your organization or type of industry, understanding, preserving, and having ready access to mobile communication is necessary. And in the event of litigation or a compliance audit, it is vital. Archiving mobile data can help you prepare for potential litigation and can enable you to protect your employees by maintaining oversight of their mobile communication data.

Micro Focus Retain and mobile carrier archiving

Retain features integration with mobile carriers to capture text messages (SMS/MMS) directly from the carrier’s network. This captured data is archived and indexed in Retain and is immediately available to access, search, and perform eDiscovery. This data is archived, along with multi-platform email and social media, in one central unified archive. With Retain, text messages are archived, regardless of device.

Key features of Retain Mobile include:

– Message Retention: Archives SMS/MMS text messages
– Retrieve and review: Easy access to all messages in the system
– Compliance tools: Allow administrators, human resources, compliance officers, eDiscovery, and legal teams to review and audit smartphone user data
– Granular search capabilities: Users can access and search their personal archive; administrators and other named users can access and search archived messages for all users
– Easy data publishing: Electronic communications data (SMS/MMS, multi-platform email, social media) can be exported for compliance, legal, or eDiscovery purposes
– Data control: Users cannot alter, adjust, or delete any archived text messages
– Rights management: Limit access to data based on granted rights
– Audit trail: Complete and confidential logging for review of all auditing activities

In addition to mobile communication data, Retain provides unified archiving for multi-platform email and social media for data management, oversight, and compliance. Retain includes built-in eDiscovery and search tools, easy archive access to end users and administrators, and can be deployed on premises or in the cloud.

Next steps

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