On Cloud Nine: Micro Focus scoops another coveted title

Micro Focus receives Microsoft’s Cloud Innovation Award for 2018

No strangers to receiving accolades for innovation, Micro Focus have been at it again. News arrived from Las Vegas this weekend of another prestigious award being received. Derek Britton found out more.


Micro Focus’ commitment to customer success comes in many forms, one of which is its dedication to ensuring the customer has a genuine choice in terms of infrastructure. With so much choice and complexity in today’s Hybrid IT estate, customers are looking for flexibility and choice. This is equally true nowadays with the growing adoption of Cloud and virtualization as a key part of the IT estate.

Micro Focus technology enables organizations looking to take advantage of Cloud operational models to support a range of key capabilities necessary for these models to provide a full return on investment. We have long since provided Cloud platform support out of the box as part of our Application Modernization solutions.

As we showcased only recently during a joint webinar, the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform is a genuine choice that many of our clients are taking and is fully supported thanks to the innovation and collaboration between Micro Focus and our technology partners Microsoft.  Micro Focus’ full support of enterprise business (COBOL or PL/I) applications ensures that critical systems can be included in an organizational cloud strategy as necessary.


The Cloud Innovation Award, given at the Platform Modernization Alliance event (7/15, Las Vegas) has once again been awarded to Micro Focus.  This award specifically recognizes Micro Focus’s technology advances in support of Mainframe to Azure Modernization.

Commenting on the award, Bob Ellsworth, Director, Enterprise Modernization, One Commercial Partner at Microsoft, explained, “The prestigious Microsoft Cloud Innovation Award is in recognition for technology advances in support of Mainframe to Azure Modernization. It recognizes notable achievements as part of the Platform Modernization Alliance. I’m delighted that our long-standing partner Micro Focus has received the recognition once again. Their continued investment and innovation in the Mainframe Modernization space is widely recognized by Microsoft as a true market leader.”

“We are thrilled to receive this recognition,” said Joe Garber, Head of Product Marketing for Application Modernization and Connectivity at Micro Focus, “Microsoft are a long-standing technology partner and this award underscores our commitment to our customers looking to leverage the very best technology has to offer to grow their businesses.”

Long-Term Commitment

Micro Focus previously received this coveted award in 2016, and this year’s something underscores the long-term commitment we are making to Cloud and our Modernization solutions.

Micro Focus’s innovation in the Microsoft ecosystem goes back much, much further, from the early days of building development systems under 16, 32 and then 64 bit Windows variants, adopting Visual Studio as the development IDE of choice, providing full certification for SQL Server technology and latterly providing a full managed code .NET environment for core COBOL systems. Azure Cloud support is the latest in a long list of successful collaboration between the two organizations.

Find Out More

Watch the Modernization using Microsoft Azure technology in action and download the white paper here.

Micro Focus Visual COBOL 4.0 and Micro Focus Enterprise Developer and Enterprise Server 4.0 are now available, and fully support Visual Studio development, Windows and Azure Cloud deployment. Read my latest blogpost to find out more.

Don’t hesitate to contact Micro Focus to find out more or find me on Twitter if you’d like to discuss anything further.


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