Peak performance: #AppMod at the Summit

This is our first summit as a combined organisation and attendances are growing as more customers and partners take the opportunity to meet Micro Focus staff and experts, and discuss their challenges at an event dedicated to resolving them.

Growing numbers need larger venues, so on 20 June we convened at County Hall on London’s South Bank. This iconic riverside landmark is across the Thames from the Palace of Westminster, currently the epicentre of the UK’s power struggle.

And the transition from old to new was on many delegates’ minds. The overarching theme, Powering Digital Transformation was as relevant here as it was at Micro Focus Universe 2019 in Vienna. The challenges of meeting the drive to increased efficiencies, accelerated delivery and improved safety underpinned a packed agenda, specifically curated for UK and Ireland customers.

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Special interest?

Events commenced with the Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and all of them touched on the challenges of moving from now to next. Test Automation: Debunking the myths of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation wereparticularly well-attended.

Barry Cashman, Micro Focus Vice President & General Manager UK and Ireland, kicked off the Plenary Session and again reflected on the recurring themes – challenges – he was noticing in the market.

Digital Transformation is the direction of travel, but some customers are further back than others and the destination will be different for all of them. He explained how Micro Focus solutions were dedicated to helping everyone meet their challenges, today and further along the journey.

Ready to break out?

We held a number of post-lunch breakout sessions where, again, the different facets of digital transformation ran like a seam through the content. While Application Delivery Management and Application Modernization and Connectivity had clear transformation themes, IT Operations Management touched on the seemingly perpetual struggle between the priorities of the Dev and Operations teams. Enterprise DevOps and Security featured in many conversations while the speakers prepared their presentations.

These breakouts are widely considered to be the most helpful of the #MicroFocusSummit sessions as they delve into their specialist subjects at a granular level. This year, there were breakouts for specific interest areas including Application Modernization and Collaboration, IT Operations Management, Security, Risk and Governance and Application Delivery Management. It was the latter session that divided application management work into ‘streaming’ and ‘screaming’.

If your transformation journey is proving to be as difficult, look out our for Micro Focus Universe 2020 at The Hague, the on-demand version from Vienna or any number of other events happening Globally. And look out for news of our next UK summit, where we look to ‘hit the heights’ once more…..

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