Mainframe Transformation awaits @SHARE in Texas

As a native Texan, I am excited to help host this event in my backyard of Fort Worth, Texas, on February 23-28. A short drive to the venue beats a long flight hands down.

Why ‘Cowtown’?

Fort Worth got its nickname “Cowtown” in the 1800s as it became the center of the cattle drives, and later, the ranching industry.  These days, extensive downtown redevelopment and quality of life improvements have created the nation’s largest blue zone community. Dare I say the ‘transformation’ has ‘modernized’ this Texas town?

(See where I am going with this?)

Luckily, modernizing core business applications is faster and can deliver equally positive results.  IT professionals looking to accelerate enterprise application delivery, platform integration and infrastructure upgrades must up their technical education networking game. The SHARE conference offers both.  So dust off your boots and join me at SHARE Fort Worth.

Three Pillars of Modernization. One Solution.

cobol-pli-application-modernizeThriving in a competitive digital landscape means transforming the systems hosting core business processes.  Micro Focus enables this transformation with the lowest cost and risk, through a comprehensive solution across three key pillars of modernization:

– Application: Innovate by unlocking business value using modern UIs and APIs
– Process: Leverage DevOps and smarter change control to accelerate speed to market.
– Infrastructure: Flex and scale secure deployment to z/OS, Linux, AIX and Cloud.

Micro Focus @ SHARE

SHARE offers insightful sessions that will help jumpstart your modernization journey.

Week at a glance

Monday, February 24:
Our lunch and learn session, Practical Steps to Quickly Implement Better Mainframe Access, Authentication and Privacy, offers valuable insights, lessons learned from past data breaches and demonstrates the simple steps that will help meet security, privacy and access objectives.

Tuesday, February 25:
Driving the DevOps Pipeline: A new approach to accelerated mainframe delivery in a digital world.  In this session, you’ll see how mainframe developers can work with familiar tools to deliver more, faster plus next gen developers can bring their own tools to streamline mainframe delivery.
COBOL – Here’s to the Next 60 Years: Join us as we outline the ongoing value of the COBOL technology as well as some more practical, technical elements as it looks towards continued relevance in decades to come.

Wednesday, February 26
Mainframe IDE shootout: What does a modern mainframe IDE look like? This session helps demonstrate the value of modern IDEs and reasons why it’s time to modernize the development experience.

Join us

Hitting the Technology Exchange Expo? Stop by booth #315, try your luck at Plinko, and grill our mainframe experts about enterprise IT, security, application development, modernization and more. A winner on many levels. Click here for more details, a full agenda – and a registration page.

Ready to modernize?

Begin your digital transformation journey or learn more about Micro Focus solutions for IBM mainframe modernization right here.

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