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Working in tech, you get to experience and be involved in so many interesting and exciting initiatives whether that be learning about new technologies or seeing how technologies can help make a difference in the lives of customers and consumers around the world. Today, I am excited to share something inspirational. Today, I am delighted to announce the launch of INSPIRE 20, a podcast series featuring conversations with 20 industry executives from across the globe who are creating lasting change, accelerating initiatives or have a unique point of view around inclusion and diversity (I&D) in their own industries, organizations or communities.

The podcast series is part of Micro Focus’s newly launched corporate social responsibility program, Micro Focus INSPIRE, and demonstrates our commitment to helping address the lack of diversity in the technology industry, from the classroom to the boardroom. INSPIRE 20 shines a light on the principles and values industry executives are implementing to inspire change at all levels of the enterprise and beyond.

Who’s in the line-up?

Our first episode features Adriana Gascoigne, founder and CEO of Girls in Tech, a not for profit helping women acquire skills and learn about careers in tech. Next up are Michael Fieldhouse, Social Impact Practice Leader for DXC technology who established the Dandelion Program with the Australian Federal Government to help build IT careers for people on the autism spectrum and next will be June Manley, Founder of Female Founders Faster Forward (F4), a not for profit organization dedicated to championing equal opportunity for all in the world of tech investment. Each guest will share their thoughts and perspective and bring best practices and tips to help inspire us all to make a more conscious effort to ensure inclusion and diversity are not just words but actions. Make sure you subscribe today so you don’t miss our upcoming episodes and get the opportunity to hear from some key leaders who are charging forward in bringing more awareness to this agenda.

I’m in! Where do I sign up?

The podcast interviews will be featured on, our digital hub by and for software engineering, IT and security professionals sharing practical and passionate guidance to real-world challenges and hosted on Apple, Spotify and Sound Cloud.

Time and time again diverse teams have been shown to produce better results and drive more creative solutions. I am proud to showcase Micro Focus’s efforts working with these outstanding executives so that together we can take a leadership role in sharing best practices to help address the lack of diversity in the technology industry and to ensure that comfortable consensus never becomes the accepted norm.

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