Cost Savings in Year One

Cost Savings in Year One

Use whatever metaphor you like – a broken record, a song on repeat – but every agency across the federal government hears it and knows the tune: cut the budget, achieve more with less.  With an $80 billion technology budget alone, there’s room to spare.  But how to do it effectively, efficiently, while not cutting off critical government services has become the chief concern of every agency leader.  This page is dedicated to raising awareness around simple solutions that can help agencies improve services while achieving significant cost savings – in year one.  Join the discussion.  Lend your voice, and vote on the best ideas so we can meet the needs of today without compromising the demands of tomorrow.

The Cause

Agencies aren’t looking for savings five years down the road – they needed it now – today – in year one.  In support of this effort, this page will promote new ideas and provide agencies a trusted, non-partisan place to find solutions that will save them significant costs without compromising their mission objectives.

The Criteria

This page is dedicated to providing federal agencies with ideas.  This site is not about reducing government reach; there are plenty of other websites that provide a forum for that discussion.  Instead, this site is about reducing waste, increasing efficiency, and saving taxpayer money in the process.  It’s about tangible results.  We welcome ideas from all corners that can help agencies achieve savings in year one – whether it’s a new technology, or a new way of doing business.  We’ll highlight the best ideas in our blog and Twitter feed.  Join the discussion and make a difference…in year one.

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