As agencies across government face unprecedented budget cuts and scrutiny, it is important to maintain mission critical systems and make them accessible to the next-generation of programming workforce, allowing for agile development to connect systems to the cloud and mobile technologies.


As the world’s most powerful, precise and high performance business computing language, COBOL is used in many federal IT systems. Micro Focus can take your agency’s COBOL systems and migrate them to re-hosted platforms such as Microsoft® .NET, Java Virtual Machine (JVM), Linux, UNIX®, or the cloud. Migration greatly increases business agility while significantly reducing mainframe costs.


Government applications are vital to mission success. Micro Focus can help migrate your applications – or even your entire mainframe environment – to enable modern programming and agile response, all while significantly reducing operational costs within the first year of implementation.

By utilizing Micro Focus’ solutions, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) migrated mainframe zOS applications to zLinux and achieved savings of $6 million a year.

Application Development

Federal software developers often need to be highly specialized to develop complex software that is interoperable with systems on multiple platforms running multiple programming languages. Micro Focus tools help agency software teams develop and deliver better applications through closer alignment to mission needs, improved quality, and faster, stronger delivery processes – independent of language or platform. We provide a comprehensive toolset that combines all phases of the development lifecycle, from requirements definition and lifecycle management to testing and software change management.