Beyond the handbook: why training beats explaining

The benefits of staff training as a general principle are well-established, and numerous. Many of them apply to subject-specific product training, too.

Certainly, a better understanding of how to maximise the full benefits of each product helps organizations achieve the efficiencies and cost benefits they expect. Because while our tools are as intuitive as possible, it is inevitable that programmers working with tech of this complexity would benefit from a guiding hand beyond simply issuing them with the handbook.

Micro Focus recognizes the value of training in supporting every product purchase. We want everyone to extract every possible efficiency from these technologies so we believe that, as with any technology, we should offer full support.

We understand that our commitment extends beyond simply handing the customer the keys and hoping they can master, understand and achieve full benefit from their technology.

The skills challenge

Much is made of the skills challenge – the shortfall between what enterprises need to maintain core systems and applications, and the skills resource available to undertake the work. Clearly, enabling developers with as many language skills as possible helps to create a more flexible workforce that can undertake more tasks – and that’s good for everyone.

With our training, mainframe developers, or developers new to COBOL, can access and learn about our tools in a meaningful and structured way. COBOL is famously easy to pick up and their skills are as in demand as ever, so this training benefits both the individual and the enterprise.

Every product in the Enterprise Suite is shipped with free, on-demand training on request. We tailor this combination of web- and video-based training to meet the need of each customer. And every customer could benefit.

Our training enables mainframe programmers, or new programmes familiar with modern IDEs, to extract the optimum benefits from our modern development tools, Eclipse and Visual Studio and understand how these innovative platforms can support mainframe development.

Our dedicated Enterprise Server training is a no-nonsense, anyone-can-do-it walkthrough for customers on the basic administration of our solution, or for administrators looking to maintain their systems under Enterprise Server.

Already have an Enterprise product?

Not a problem. This training is available, free of charge, to those who are purchasing an enterprise product and those who already run anything from our enterprise product suite. Indeed, we recommend taking the training option when purchasing Enterprise Developer to get 100% return on your investment in this technology.

This isn’t a one-size-fits-all offering. While online training is free with every purchase, more detailed, instructor-led and personalized options are available on request to help those trying to better understand the tech.

Get maximum benefit from your purchase. Skill up your programmers. Visit the Ondemand training site and enrol today. Because real innovation demands expertise, not the handbook.

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