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Take our digital transformation survey

Micro Focus recently launched a short survey about digital transformation, and I’m excited to share that we already have a significant number of respondents!  The survey gathers insights into how organizations are approaching digital transformation and where organizations are in that journey. Aggregated results will be interesting, particularly given our new collective perspective through the lens of a pandemic (and also beyond).


What’s driving digital transformation?

Digital transformation is more important than ever and is predicted to account for over 50% of all IT spending by 2023 (Source: IDC’s Enabling End-to-End Digital Transformation with Micro Focus).  We also know that 80% of companies use digital transformation to create stronger customer engagement, and many hope to increase competitive differentiation with digital transformation.  I think this is even more important during this pandemic and after, as we emerge from its grip.  Digital transformation was already forcing organizations to rethink their IT strategies, but the road is no longer a straight path – if it ever was.

Priorities may temporarily shift because of current circumstances, and while digital transformation can help organizations deal with changing market conditions, some companies may struggle to focus on transformation because they have to prioritize keeping their organization running.

Defining the four key pillars of digital transformation

IT professionals typically prioritize four key pillars of digital transformation to help organizations transition to the future:

Enterprise DevOps: accelerate software delivery by optimizing value streams from request to business value. Organizations need to align stakeholder priorities, strengthen collaboration, automate everything, and scale DevOps with confidence.
Hybrid IT Management: simplify hybrid complexity and transform IT into a true services-driven organization to participate fully in digital business success.
Security, Risk & Governance: secure the assets that matter most—identities, applications, and data.
Predictive Analytics: analyze by ensuring accurate predictions, gaining actionable insights, and automating discovery in order to act.


For organizations with core business processes and systems of record (SoR) that have been central to their business for years and even decades, the best approach is likely to digitally transform through modernization. This approach can achieve a faster ROI while leveraging existing investments and processes, as well as bring lower risk of disruption versus a rip-and-replace strategy.

This is because these businesses are much different than the young, agile, digitally focused organizations that have sprung up more recently for the simple reason that they originated and grew before the digital era.

See digital transformation trends and where you are in your DX journey against others

Organizational challenges from “before COVID-19” and “after COVID-19” might be very different.  We invite you to take this 5-minute digital transformation survey to be a part of the snapshot we’re taking this year. Then opt in to receive survey results so you can see where your organization stands relative to others.

So — where is your organization in its digital transformation journey?


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