Micro Focus Developer Conference: Day One Wrap Up

We officially kicked of the 2012 Micro Focus Developer Conference in Dallas, Texas yesterday. The event is bringing together the Micro Focus team with its partners, ISVs, customers and members of the COBOL programming community to discuss the future of enterprise application development. In the action-packed first day of the conference, attendees noted the following event highlights:

  • Jack Shaw of Breakthrough Business Technology, delivered an energetic and forward-minded keynote address in which he highlighted the path for enterprises to prepare for the coming waves of technology change.
  • Paul Herzlich, analyst at Creative Intellect, reminded the audience of the imperative for businesses to adapt to the demands for agility, adaptive skills sets and non-stop IT innovation.
  • In later sessions, the audience heard customer stories of modernization and cloud migrations that provided tangible ROIs.

Across all of the sessions, the overarching theme was that COBOL is here to stay and is equipped to support the enterprise in its journey forward. As companies confront the challenging shifts in the technology landscape, how can they modernize without breaking the bank or losing the current business logic? Today’s sessions proved that the COBOL language is inherently reliable, and Micro Focus solutions provide the necessary capabilities to guide customers over the bridge to tomorrow’s technologies. In the below video, Micro Focus Senior Manager, Solution Marketing Derek Britton kicks off the discussion of COBOL’s ever-lasting value.

To hear the rest of the discussion, stay tuned to the Micro Focus YouTube. You can also follow the action in real-time and see updates from the sessions by following @MicroFocus and the conference hashtag #COBOLrocks.

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