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Introduction to the Micro Focus #DevDay 2020 series

#DevDay has been running for more than five years and across more than 50 locations. So what’s new for 2020? Paula Barker, Field Marketing Manager for Application Modernization, gives us a sneak preview.

The coming of the new 2020 year is right around the corner – a season of transformation and growth for Micro Focus, and #DevDay, our flagship event for COBOL application developers.

#DevDay has united mainframe and COBOL developers, whether they are Micro Focus customers or ‘just curious’ to check what’s new in the world of application development.

While we sometimes ‘tweak’ the formula a little, #DevDay remains a technical workshop for devs to come to get some real insight to where COBOL is going; they check out the live, hands-on demonstrations and chat with other like-minded COBOL community folk.

So what’s different about this year?

Well, we’re working with a new tagline: Modernization – Realize the Vision. And there really couldn’t be a better place to discuss it. Because our COBOL toolsets and solutions are geared towards helping our customers turn their modernization vision into something more tangible – a genuine business advantage.

Modernization – Realize the Vision

So if modernization via digital transformation is the journey, then it is the core business applications, often COBOL-based, that must come along for the ride if the enterprise is going to remain a prominent feature in the digital landscape.

Company-wide transformation involves many moving parts. There is no one-size-fits-all, out-of-the-box solution. So we address the integral parts – the boxes that must be checked – in delivering a transformation strategy to help our customers see where it all fits together.  Coming to #DevDay? Talk to us about how the Micro Focus solution addresses the three key pillars of modernization; Application, Process and Infrastructure.


The brave new world of digital is no place for the unskilled, so we offer the IT professionals attending #DevDays the opportunity to add to their skills through technical education opportunities and community networking.

What’s in it for me?

Plenty. But if you need sign-off from your boss, explain how you’ll return to your desk improved by the many meetings you had with Micro Focus and other experts, the demos you saw featuring the very latest in Micro Focus Appdev and modernization technology, plus the insights you have gained from the Micro Focus product roadmap and future strategy.

You will be armed with new skills gained from hands-on experience using modern application development and delivery tools and practices. Explain that you are extending the COBOL community by forging new relationships with local organizations, vendors, developers, experts and practitioners.

There’s the exciting discovery at how quickly your company can modernize core business systems and explore faster application delivery using Agile and Enterprise DevOps practices, and even ‘step into the cloud’ to understand your options for COBOL systems, cloud, containers, mobile and managed code.

Still need convincing? 

#COBOL recently turned 60. You may have heard the noise as we celebrated.  Join the #COBOL60 celebration at a #DevDay event near you.  Connect with Micro Focus as we observe the application development language, COBOL. We will explore the language’s continued relevance, use cases and prevalence.


#DevDay 2020 schedule

January 28 – Atlanta, GA
January 30 – Chicago, IL
February 11 – Columbus, OH

Sit tight, even more cities to be announced soon.

Join the COBOL SIG Community

Ever wonder how other application developers are working with COBOL systems? Would you like to meet other like-minded COBOL developers? Or perhaps expand your personal network and build new skills?  If so, the COBOL SIG is the place for you.

Ready to realize the vision? Begin your digital transformation journey or learn more about Micro Focus solutions for COBOL and IBM mainframe modernization right here.

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