Make transformation your resolution: Introducing the new #DevDay 2019 series!

New Year’s Resolutions

I am getting ahead of the curve by skipping the festive blog angle and getting straight into 2019. Or, more specifically, your New Year’s resolutions – the promises made in the early days of January when we vow to do more good things (or at least roll back the bad stuff we did over the holidays) in a short-lived attempt at self-improvement.

Okay, so you know what it means – but does it mean anything to you? Let’s play a game. Who had ‘eating healthier’, ‘getting more exercise’, or ‘spending more time with the family’? Everyone? Now, will you do all those things? Maybe not so much. Because these good intentions are just words. Actions speak louder.

This is especially important when selecting a work-related New Year’s resolution. Because these personal promises normally relate to something we’ve been putting off doing for months, possibly years, it’s never going to be easy. But, just like giving up smoking, today’s technology can help to give your will to succeed the boost it needs.

Here’s an idea…

As a developer, I bet ‘modernizing my legacy applications’ is right up there with clearing out your garage, priority-wise. But while ditching your junk just creates the room to store the junk you have yet to acquire, modernizing your technology and processes is well worth doing.

You could improve your core business systems’ delivery speed, and enable a secure deployment model that works across your organization’s hybrid IT infrastructure. Now that’s a resolution. And you need it way more than an empty garage.

Core business applications, often COBOL-based, can be an organization’s lifeblood. Transforming the systems hosting core business processes is how modern IT companies are making their mark in today’s highly competitive digital landscape.

Micro Focus offers this transformation at the lowest cost and risk, through a comprehensive solution across three key pillars of modernization; Application, Process and Infrastructure. How’s your resolve? Could you do with a little support, maybe? Try this…


If rapid and low-risk incremental enterprise application modernization is the destination, the Micro Focus solution creates the journey – and #DevDay is where it begins.

What is #DevDay? View the #DevDay Infographic to get the facts on this must-attend event for developers!

Micro Focus #DevDay has long been the must-attend event for COBOL and other application developers in an environment that tackles IT and industry challenges head-on, with insights and innovative live technical demonstrations. It’s free to attend and a great place to map your transformation journey and help turn your resolution into reality.

What you’ll experience:

– The new Micro Focus application modernization strategy
– Developer-led sessions with tech tips and best practices
– Tech tracks focused on today’s modernization priorities
– Our popular Ask the Experts’ panel discussion
– Plenty of networking opportunities and great hospitality

Whether your organization has IBM mainframe or enterprise COBOL applications that need to improve speed and software delivery, then the answer is #DevDay. And if your journey involves several people in your organization, bring them along! Share this technical day with your development teams, enterprise architects, application owners, and application operation/production teams.

Upcoming #DevDay events

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