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With the Micro Focus announcement to sell its SUSE Open Source software business, there have been many questions and concerns about how this might affect Micro Focus’ current commitments to OES, bundles, products delivered as SUSE-based appliances, and other Micro Focus products that use SUSE technologies.

We want to assure you that we remain committed to a strong partnership and a deep commitment to SUSE. We have invested in continuous advances in our products and solutions that leverage SUSE technologies, and we remain committed to those product roadmaps as we move forward. The agreements that we have in place with SUSE will continue, and it’s sale will not affect our current products or release schedule.

We understand that this announcement might raise questions. However, please note the following:

1) We have operated, and continue to operate, under a strong partnership with SUSE. We have clear understandings and agreements on how we leverage and use technologies from SUSE to create a “Better Together” solution for our partners and customers. This partnership remains in place, with strong commitments by both Micro Focus and SUSE.

2) Our intention is to continue our existing partnership and commitments with SUSE after the completion of this transaction. Micro Focus and SUSE both understand and remain committed to a strong partnership and we will continue to work together to achieve continual improvements in our SUSE integration.

3) SUSE technologies and products are used broadly (both internally and externally) in Micro Focus product lines, hosted offerings, and bundles. Micro Focus is working closely with SUSE to ensure a smooth transition that will maintain a strong commitment to each other’s solutions and minimize any disruption to your business.

We would like all of our customers and partners to know that we remain committed to our product roadmaps and look forward to continuing a strong partnership and deep commitment to SUSE.

Please feel free to contact your Micro Focus Account Rep or our Technical Support Team for further information.

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