Micro Focus @AWS Sales Kickoff 2018

This year, the annual event was held in Las Vegas and united the global Amazon Web Services (AWS) sales and field organizations for a week-long training conference.

As an AWS Advanced partner, Micro Focus sponsored the event and used the opportunity to showcase the tremendous value our feature-rich portfolio offers to customers migrating their workloads to AWS.

Our solutions focus on DevOps, IT Operations Management, mainframe, security and Big Data. The key was selecting the use cases that would best showcase our multi-faceted offering to the AWS field team.

We focused on three:
Enterprise workload migration to AWS
– IT service management on AWS
– Performance testing for AWS

How did it go?

Enterprise workload migration was right on the spot with the audience; it seems that everyone’s focus on the AWS side is to enable customers migrating their workloads on to the AWS platform.

PlateSpin, our workload migration products for X86 environments, was popular in our booth demo conversations and follow up meetings with those planning a traditional workload migration to AWS.

But the ace up our sleeves was mainframe migration.

Because our technology stack for mainframe migration to standard compute platforms is proven, well established and highly respected by our customers, we are building on solid ground with our claim to migrate those workloads to AWS. Just as well, because this is not a small undertaking.

Migrating a mainframe workload to AWS is only part of the story, because supporting services must be carried across, too – the associated business data follows the mainframe to AWS. Once on AWS, retrieving and manipulating the data with advanced analytics is simpler, and achieves more insights, than data held on premise.

Happy hour ?

Once people had grabbed a well-earned beer, we invited them to our 10 min breakout session at the expo hall where we outlined the benefits, provided customer testimonials and further reading on mainframe migration.

The event was a success and the AWS field organization can now approach enterprise customers with a compelling proposition – that migrating mainframe workloads to AWS using Micro Focus technologies can boost business technology optimization in a number of ways.

Mainframe migration to AWS offers customers improved speed and agility in developing, testing and deploying mainframe workloads to cloud environments, and establishes a baseline for extending those workloads with cloud-ready technologies.

If deploying Mainframe Apps to AWS interests you, please feel free to download our latest White Paper or contact us directly…

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