MFT – How Would I Use That? A Managed File Transfer Use Case Series

A very important question to ask yourself when researching, purchasing and implementing a technology solution for your business is “how would I use that?” Identifying what your business problem is and how a technology solution will help is the first the step in this process. Reading about how other companies use managed file transfer to solve business issues is a good way to see if MFT is right for you. Often, organizations don’t recognize where they could be more efficient or how to fix a problem until they hear use cases from businesses that face similar challenges. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be posting a managed file transfer use case series. This series will introduce you to FileXpress customers that use managed file transfer to increase efficiency, streamline processes, cut costs, manage risk, and solve other problems in their businesses.

Typically on the Data in Motion blog we like to shy away from content that focuses exclusively on FileXpress or that may seem promotional. However, when talking about ways businesses are really using FileXpress, we think our blog readers will benefit from reading about real life examples and identifying their own needs.

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