Metrics Matter for ITSM Performance



I recently had the pleasure of attending a series of Malcolm Fry-led seminars on the Power of Metrics, conducted in conjunction with the Help Desk Institute, or HDI for short.  Malcolm never fails to both educate and entertain, which is a rare combination in the technology world (even rarer with the passing of Steve Jobs).  In this seminar, Malcolm talked about how we are all measured, from the time we are born (how much did we weigh?) until the time we die (how old were we?).  The same is even truer in the business world.  In the Help Desk and ITSM arena, it’s important to have metrics that make sense to your company.  The more you can adapt generic ITIL metrics to tie back to outcomes that make sense to the company – assembly line uptime, number of loans processed, whatever the case may be – the more relevant your IT organization will be to the business.

In fact, we’re even using some of the lessons learned from Malcolm’s seminar to improve our own measurements to heighten an already high focus on our customer outcomes, like successful implementations and customer reference-ability.  Because at the end of the day, if our measurements are completely in line with yours, then that heightens everyone’s chances of success.

For a look at our award-winning ITSM solution, come see us at the HDI 2012 Conference & Expo in Orlando from April 24-27.

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