Meet Raúl Medina Díaz–Systems Integration and Designer Engineer

Software, from vision to execution, is a people business—and at Micro Focus, our people are our greatest asset. Our career paths can change at any time, as we evolve as individuals and as our circumstances change. Our interview with Raúl was enlightening, so we decided to share it here with his permission.

Helping our employees build exciting and enriching careers is a key priority. At Micro Focus, we work hard to unlock the individual potential and collective capability of our workforce by investing in development opportunities. Everyone has the freedom to carve out the career they want. For some this means additional training, for others it’s switching career paths entirely—all within the business.

Raúl Medina Díaz, Systems Integration and Designer Engineer in the Information Management & Governance (IM&G) product team, started his career at Micro Focus in the HR department before pivoting to a specialized product role. Below, Raúl shares his experience moving from one department to another to grow his professional career—and how Micro Focus supported him on his journey:

To start off, tell us a bit about yourself.

Raúl: I live in Guadalajara in Mexico, near the cities of the Tequila and the Mariachi. I have two brothers and a sister. My wife is a nutritionist and I have a lovely eight-year-old son. I love traveling and getting to knowing different cultures and have visited some countries in America and Europe. I would love to visit Asia and India as well. I like being surrounded by nature—waterfalls, jungles, and forests.

Tell us about your career journey with Micro Focus.

Raúl: My career at Micro Focus has undoubtedly been varied. I started my career in September 2017 within the HR Systems IT team. I also assisted with the internal HR sites, working with content managers to ensure the pages were fresh, relevant, and up to date. Soon after, I managed all the HR portals as a HR Systems IT developer/analyst before going on to assist the HR team in India, and then becoming a learning managing system administrator. I held this role for three years supporting employees, partners, and customers with configuration and integrations. I also had HR portal ownership and learning management system (LMS) administrator roles during this time.

I then made the decision to specialize in a new field and had the opportunity to move from the HR department to start a new role as systems integration and designer engineer in the IM&G product group.

Tell us more about this career transition.

Raúl: I knew I wanted to grow and develop at Micro Focus. So, I took the steps to review what options were available to me and where my skills could possibly fit. While exploring the opportunities being offered at the time, I discovered an excellent role in the IM&G team. it fit my profile and ambition for professional growth perfectly—so, I applied for it.

I received an exceptional welcome from the team when I joined, and I instantly felt at ease. I also received fantastic support from my former team and line manager who backed me every step of the way.

Why is this career transition important to you?

Raúl: The move from HR to a product group was a great opportunity for me, both personally and professionally. It gave me the opportunity to apply the knowledge and expertise that I had acquired in my previous role to a new department with different objectives. This career transition allowed me to not only learn new tools, but also various processes essential to the role which I hadn’t worked with before. For example, I was much more focused on customer success as my new responsibilities directly supported our customers.

Micro Focus has gifted me valuable growth in my professional career. Throughout the years, there have been opportunities in different areas that helped me grow within the company. I have always had support from my colleagues and my managers when I wanted to try something new.

What makes you thrive at Micro Focus?

Raúl: Micro Focus offers a great platform for both professional and personal growth. Personally, I feel comfortable in the company. During these five years, I have enjoyed an excellent work environment and learned a lot from various colleagues, many of whom have become friends. By continuously expanding my skillset and learning new processes, I equipped myself with the right tools to become an expert in my field without having to leave Micro Focus—this motivates me to keep moving, learning, and thriving.

How do you feel you make your mark at Micro Focus?

I feel really happy working in Micro Focus. I have worked with a lot of people and when you receive thankful words, it means you are doing something well, you are making your mark! Actions which feel small to you, may make a huge impact for another, so I always try to do my best and I´m willing to help if it is within my scope and abilities.

In my actual role we are currently working on the “Bear Hug” program, the key objectives for the team being to protect our installed base, increase renewals rates across all portfolios, establish consistent coordination across stakeholders, and to increase maintenance revenue!

We are focused on customer success and therefore, work on continuous improvement and also the retention of best practices, this makes a global impact in the way we care for our customers’ needs.

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