Massive ROI from Release Automation

I just learnt from one of Serena’s premier customers about the results they’ve obtained from Release Automation.  This leading provider of business intelligence information has experienced a 90%+ reduction in application deployment time by leveraging Serena Release Automation.   By automating release tasks, they decreased the time needed to complete their release processes.  Tasks that took 30-90 minutes went down to an average of 2-3 minutes.   Not only did this accelerate the time-to-release but it also resulted in a huge savings and return on investment for the company.

They currently use Dimensions CM as the Release Vault for their next generation application platform.  They are heavily invested in this platform and need to manage the significant code deployments that accompany an agile development process.  By leveraging Dimensions and Release Automation the customer is now capable of scaling to support enterprise agile development (removing the bottleneck that was present in release management) and ensuring releases are consistently delivered correctly every time.

Much of the release process was automated and improved, greatly increasing productivity.  They were able to save 25 man-hours a week spent on collaboration, coordination, and orchestration of releases with the database and middleware teams.  They eliminated the need for additional full-time employees and are now able to re-allocate current resources from sitting and monitoring releases to planning and working on other releases.

Wow.  It’s results like this that make this job fun!

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