Making File Transfer a Strategic IT Asset

Managed File Transfer is not going away anytime soon, companies should proactively select a solution that supports the organization’s business while also considering the trends associated with MFT.

Attachmate recently developed a webcast called, “Making File Transfer a Strategic IT Asset,” featuring Gartner Analyst Jess Thompson. In the webinar we address the ways in which organizations are moving from the tactical to the strategic in the way they transfer files throughout their enterprise.

Companies are faced with several challenges with MFT. One of the challenges is the number of vendor solutions available, some of which only cater to one particular use case. For example, some solutions focus on ad hoc transfers and this may not meet an organization’s business goals. Another challenge is that file sizes are growing. Traditional solutions have a hard time scaling and adapting to the larger file sizes.

By carefully considering your organization’s needs and trends around MFT, you will be better positioned to select a solution that will position your business for success. Attachmate FileXpress 7.1 supports the breadth of use cases associated with MFT.

For more information on common MFT challenges and how to select and utilize MFT solutions, check out the webcast.

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