Driving mainframe deliveries with DevOps? Get there even faster with ChangeMan ZMF

Z15 and a new dawn for mainframe computing

Something called z15 brought it all back home this month –  many of the world’s most powerful, mission critical applications reside on the IBM mainframe, and IBM continues to invest heavily in the platform, as well as (with v2.4 being released) the z/OS operating system.

Core business systems deserve a solid platform. Yet changing complex systems is not easy, and only a very smart, comprehensive and dedicated technology can help manage, control and automate that process. Enter stage left the latest update of Micro Focus ChangeMan ZMF, which has been doing just that for some of the world’s largest clients for decades.

ChangeMan ZMF 8.2 release 2 continues to demonstrate Micro Focus’ commitment to its mainframe technology stack, and is freely available from today to all our ChangeMan ZMF customers.

When taking a REST can be very productive

One of the challenges facing today’s mainframe delivery teams is how to accelerate speed to market of business critical applications. The rest of the IT world is going agile and high-velocity, yet the mainframe tool chain can be restricted by resources or older technology or processes. For those adopting DevOps on the mainframe, the trick can be blending new ideas and tools, with the trusted, proven internal delivery engines, such as the class-leading Changeman ZMF delivery and change control engine.

Great news then that the latest release of Micro Focus ChangeMan ZMF 8.2.2, offers industry-standard REST APIs, to provide seamless interaction across mainframe and distributed DevOps tool chain technology. It means today’s most modern DevOps approaches can drive and consume the powerful, core operational services and assets from ChangeMan ZMF.

Great news also that the latest ChangeMan ZMF release also provides certified support for the brand new mainframe z/OS 2.4 release.

Speaking of tool chains…

The ChangeMan ZMF technology sits at the heart of Micro Focus’ mainframe modernization solution, other elements of which have also been recently updated. This includes major elements of a core mainframe application DevOps tool-chain including application analysis, development and testing technology.

Product Director, Eddie Houghton, summed it up Our customers are managing significant change and the mainframe remains the mothership for critical business apps that need updating. Introducing REST-based APIs puts ChangeMan ZMF at the heart of a modern mainframe DevOps tool chain that enables our clients to accelerate new business deliveries. Having ChangeMan ZMF participate as the core delivery technology in a mainframe DevOps practice provides is a perfect blend of what works well today with new technical innovation, both in terms of best practices and technology.”

Seeing is believing

A picture is worth a thousand words, so the best way to visualise this is to show the technology in action. In a forthcoming webinar, we’re planning to demonstrate some use cases where the undoubted power and precision of ChangeMan ZMF can be accessed by, and integrated with, a variety of other DevOps technologies, such as development tools, CI tools, planning tools and others. Watch Micro Focus, Git, Jenkins and other technology take advantage of ChangeMan ZMF using simple REST APIs.


Tell me more!

To see for yourself, sign-up to watch the 8.2.2 technology demo webinar on October 24th.
For more information about this release, find out more on our web site.
For details of Micro Focus’ other mainframe devops tools, learn more about the Micro Focus solution for mainframe application modernization.


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