Losing Weight in Las Vegas



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Las Vegas is a tough town to in which think about losing weight. Yet, I found myself dwelling on that very topic after Serena’s CEO, John Nugent, finished his keynote yesterday’s xChange12. He introduced this notion of “properly weighted” tools. So often I’ve met with companies who, for all of the right reasons, have a complex environment of software applications accumulated over the years. When faced with the need for efficiency gains, they first turn to their software tools in their portfolio with a “can do” attitude. Often times these tools are overweight for what is needed; “it can do that too” is the common mantra. Let me suggest that the “should do” approach is to first look at process improvement to achieve efficiency gains, followed by software tool selection that best supports the desired process. The end result from this approach will likely be a lighter weight, lower cost solution that better meets your needs in a timely manner.

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