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Monday’s buzzwords here at SHARE

It has been pretty hectic here this afternoon at the Serena booth (#418) where we are showcasing the latest version of ChangeMan SSM to the nearly 1,000 attendees. Response has been great and a number of Systems Programmers have taken advantage of the special offer of trying ChangeMan SSM for free for 90-days. You can be part of this great offer too by signing up for the free trial at

This morning’s keynote presentation was very thought provoking and looked at the idea of trying to get the right resources and right technology in the right place in order to sustain the modernization that businesses need in the 21st century. The message was clear, the mainframe is still at the heart of the enterprise and is just as capable of contributing to, and leading in many cases, an organization’s innovation initiatives and it will continue to remain relevant for many decades to come.

Away from the general session there were many topics to choose from and I was drawn to the Big Data and Big Analytics sessions. For more than a decade Serena has been pioneering the delivery of corporate insight from the host to mobile devices. As long ago as 1999 we were alerting Change and Release Managers on their pagers about production deployments and getting their approvals from the web. Now IBM has developed the infrastructure to make that happen with ease and speed for all companies. The recent announcement of an “alliance” between IBM and Apple is proof that the battle is over and the smartphone and smart devices win and that the data battle is over too (in IBM’s view) it will thrive in the corporate data-center on the mainframe.

The expo is winding down right now but we’ll be here until 7:30 pm if you want to stop by booth #418. Also you can track the activities live on Twitter by following the hash tag #SHAREorg and by following @SerenaSoftware and @KevinParkerUSA.

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