Let’s Talk About DevOps in a Microsoft Environment

I’m at the first ever DevOpsDays Vancouver, Canada. The event came about from a casual conversation at DevOpsDays Austin and it’s been a fantastic success.

The sessions have been great. I really enjoyed the session from Hootsuite on how they are able to deliver working code faster by using vagrant as part of their tool-chain.

Brian Johnson delivered a great ignite session that was basically a warning not to let DevOps go the way of ITIL because the intentions of ITIL were very close to DevOps before it changed over time. I’m not going to attempt to deliver Brian’s message. The full length version of the presentation that Brian delivered at DevOpsDays Atlanta was amazing and is well worth watching.  It can be viewed here.

The open space sessions were very informative as usual. I proposed a space on doing DevOps in a Microsoft environment. The session had surprisingly good turnout and proved to me that the Microsoft ecosystem is still alive and kicking in the Vancouver tech scene. As good as the Microsoft developer ecosystem is, currently people have to rely on many other solutions to fill gaps in the Microsoft tool-chain. Unlike conferences in the U.S. that I have attended that have a very positive impression of PowerShell as the scripting language of Windows, opinions were much more negative here. It is clear though that in many cross platform open source projects on the DevOps space, Windows is still an afterthought.

For the first time at a DevOps event this year there was no mention of “The Phoenix Project.” DevOps culture conversations are certainly easier and more fun when you can talk about Bill, Brent, Erik and others.

I’m looking forward to next year and also hopefully a few DevOpsDays events elsewhere in Canada.

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