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The modern IT world is a complex, ever-evolving place. It seems like there are new vendors, technologies and trends every day. The endless stream of innovation is exciting, but how can you keep up without leaving your core enterprise applications behind?

At BrainShare 2014, the premier user and technical training conference for Attachmate, NetIQ and Novell partners, you can learn firsthand from some of the best brains in IT and other Attachmate customers from around the globe. This is our first time participating in the longstanding annual conference and we’re very excited about the training and networking opportunities it presents for our customers.

The sessions at BrainShare range from technical labs to big picture discussions and cover a wide variety of IT topics. To learn more about legacy modernization, check out these sessions:

  • Optimizing the User Experience when Accessing Legacy Host Applications from Any Mobile Device. Achieving an excellent user experience while accessing legacy host applications from mobile devices is not an easy feat. This session will show you how to use Reflection 2014 TouchUx, which gives users a look and feel they’re comfortable with while they use legacy host applications. In addition, administrators can leverage Microsoft and Citrix central management features to manage Reflection from a single location.
  • Enabling Your Host Applications to Live in the Modern World of Security and Regulation. Today’s computing environment is an alphabet soup of regulatory mandates, mostly related to security. Whether you’re talking about data at a lower layer in the stack or on a display in a host application, protecting that sensitive information from prying eyes has become a high priority. This session will cover the basics of leveraging the data protection capabilities in Reflection 2014 so you can ensure your enterprise’s mission-critical host data is not compromised.
  • Using a Modern Directory to Manage and Secure Legacy Host Access. Most modern networks use LDAP groups to control access to enterprise applications, but legacy host “green screen” applications aren’t usually part of that network. This session shows you how to put a layer in front of the host so only authorized people can access the data in your legacy systems. Best of all, you don’t have to make changes to the host itself—rather, you use the existing enterprise directory to do what it’s already doing in the rest of your network. For more on what you can expect at BrainShare 2014, check out this video:

You can also dig into the complete list of sessions and register to attend BrainShare 2014 on the website: www.brainshare.com.

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