Leadership is Key to Success with DevOps

Greetings from Serena xChange! We had a wonderful first day yesterday. DevOps was one of the hottest topics. In several 1:1 conversations, as well as the panel discussion I participated in, customers were keen to discuss how to bring dev and ops together to accelerate innovation and improve service quality.

One of the biggest considerations is an adoption plan. Yes unified tooling to provide orchestration and end to end visibility is a must have, but the beyond that, the biggest challenge is affecting cultural change. The organizations that are on the right track have appointed leaders that have served in both Development and Operations capacities. Those folks “get it”, and are well on their way to orchestrating IT in their respective companies!

More on adoption strategies after xChange. For those attending this week, you can look forward to a series of great customer presentations today and a fun time tonight. For those not at xChange, hope to see you here next year!

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