Key Messages from DevOps Presentation at Gartner Conference

Hello from Las Vegas!  Serena Software is a sponsor at the Gartner Data Center Conference, happening now through  December 12.  We are showing our recently-announced Serena Release Manager v5 at our booth (pictured to right).  Gartner interviewed over 200 CIOs in 2012 on the topic of DevOps; they said that release management was the number one issue they face.

While at the show, Jonathan Thorpe and I had the opportunity to attend a Monday session led by Ronni Colville and George Spafford, both from Gartner Research, titled “Leveraging DevOps for Scale.”  Here are some of the key messages they delivered:

  1. Release Management is the foundation for DevOps and a concept that must be mastered.  (At Serena, we completely agree!)
  2. When designing an enterprise release management process, the considerations are: be sure you understand who your key stakeholders are, establish shared metrics (Dev and Ops) to foster team work, and start on a prototype project to prove concepts (and in our view, for early success to establish momentum).
  3. A shared understanding between Dev and Ops should be the ultimate goal of releasing software into production.
  4. Application Release Automation (ARA) is a low hanging fruit.  (Serena’s view is that ARA is necessary but not sufficient – you also need to focus on lifecycle processes.)
  5. Support of release types is important, especially as you consider Gartner’s Pace Layered guidance.  (Serena agrees and supports different release types out-of-the-box with Release Manager v5.)
  6. A key challenge to implementing release management – integrations.  (We agree.  Serena does not believe in “rip-and-replace” but rather leveraging investments in existing tool chains.)

More coming soon from Las Vegas.

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