I’ve Got 365 problems… But Archiving Office 365 ain’t one!

How Archiving Office 365 Can Save You From a World of Trouble

A recent article stated that when deciding on making a move to the cloud, you need to consider what may happen with your current email archive.
See http://www.infoworld.com/d/microsoft-windows/picking-office-365-the-easy-part-now-comes-migration-240559

Now that you’ve decided to use Office 365, here are the important questions:

  • What are you going to do with your legacy archive?
  • Can you move it to Office 365?
  • Should you keep your old system up and running, just for the archive?
  • Where is all of your archived data?
  • Does it reside on individual machines?
  • What format is your data in? PST files? Exchange? Other email?

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Because of these concerns, along with others, many organizations are choosing a third-party archive. For more info on choosing third-party archiving for Office 365, see the GWAVA blog post The Best Way to Secure and Archive Microsoft Office 365.

But back to my question: What do you do with all of your current archives, once you move to Office 365? You need to choose a solution that will:

  1. Archive your current data
  2. Tie in to your new Office 365 system

If you choose a solution that includes these two functions, you will have access to your old, legacy data and you will have access to all future archived data, from one central location! Think of how nice this would be: you need to find an email, but don’t know if it was pre-Office 365, or current. No problem! Your data is being stored in one central archive.

Furthermore, this data needs to be archived in a platform-agnostic format, because, who knows…you may one day want to move to another system. (Really. You might. Think about it. You’re moving today… who says you won’t move in the future?)

There are a number of solutions on the market to help you with that transition. However, when you choose an archiving solution make sure that it has the following:

  • A seamless migration path – Ensure that when you move to Office 365, all of your data is migrated and the move is seamless for your users.
  • Archiving of more than just email – With current regulations such as FINRA, HIPAA, SOX and the FRCP, it is imperative that you archive all electronic communications, including email, social media, and mobile data.
  • Built-in search, publishing, and eDiscovery tools – Once again, with all of the regulations out there, you need to be in compliance. Also, if you are ever involved in litigation, or you want to quickly locate an email, you need these features in your archive.
  • A centralized archive – make sure that your archive can be accessed from one central point and that your users have access to their own archive.

The GWAVA Solution

Retain fulfills all of the requirements and can completely meet your needs. It has a seamless migration path for archiving your legacy data and easily ties into your new Office 365 system. Retain archives all of your data in a platform-agnostic format and it has all of the features and functionality needed to ensure you comply with government regulations. In other words, by implementing Retain, you will not have to worry about what to do with your legacy and current email data!

Furthermore, Retain archives all of your electronic communications, including multi-platform email systems, social media communications and mobile device data.
Retain is THE unified archiving solution for Office 365.

If you would like to learn more about the need for archiving 365 and how you can archive your legacy and Office 365 data, download this one sheet

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