IT veteran authors new eBook on file transfer security and reliability

If you’re an IT professional and you’re looking for guidance on how to go about strengthening the security and reliability of file transfer in your organization, then you will want to read The Shortcut Guide to Eliminating Insecure and Unreliable File Transfer Methods written by Dan Sullivan.  This eBook, published by Realtime Publishers and sponsored by Attachmate looks at the challenges experienced when attempting to apply traditional file transfer techniques to today’s larger files and more stringent security standards.

Dan Sullivan is a 20+ year veteran in the IT industry with a history that includes experience in application design, systems architecture, and enterprise security across a broad range of industries, including financial services, manufacturing, government, retail, gas and oil production, power generation, life sciences, and education.  Dan has written and presented extensively about security, systems architecture, infrastructure management, and aligning business and IT strategies.

So I guess you can say he knows that of which he speaks.

The synopsis of the eBook reads like this:

“Transferring files often appears to be a simple task that is easily scripted. As a result, many organizations are littered with quickly written, insecure and difficult to maintain file transfer scripts. In The Shortcut Guide to Eliminating Insecure and Unreliable File Transfer Methods, author Dan Sullivan outlines the limits and shortcomings of home grown file transfer solutions along with business drivers that are motivating organizations to better manage all file transfers. This book closes with a detailed list of features essential to a dependable file transfer solution and offers guidance on how to deploy such a solution.”

The eBook is written in four chapters, each focused on a particular aspect of file transfer.

  • Chapter 1: Understanding the Limits of Traditional File Transfer
  • Chapter 2: Analyzing 5 Key Business Drivers for Improving File Transfer
  • Chapter 3: Selecting a File Transfer Solution:  7 Essential Requirements
  • Chapter 4: Deploying a File Transfer Solution

The eBook can be downloaded from Attachmate hereChapter 1 is now available with a new chapter planned each month through July 2010.

So, check it out, then come back here and tell us what you think.  Comments are welcome.

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