IT Should Forget About Development—Should You?

IT should forget about development. That’s the main message we received from a recent Serena survey of 957 IT professionals in multiple industries and countries. Many said that even with all the advances in mobile and cloud technologies, application development was doing relatively well. However, the “bookend” processes of managing requirements and releases were a much bigger problem.

Out of a scale of 1 to 4, with 4 being “Excellent,” here’s how the survey respondents rated the different Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) processes:

  • Development management: 2.78
  • Demand management: 2.74
  • Release management: 2.65
  • Requirements management: 2.58

The biggest challenges? Deploying on time without issues, clarifying business needs, reusing requirements – these were just some of the top challenges our survey respondents highlighted.

So what should IT organizations do? In a nutshell, they should revisit their deployment process and find the right balance between speed and control in order to ensure they can repeatedly, quickly and confidently deploy their applications. They also need to invest more in requirements processes to help everyone share requirements across a complex technology and organizational landscape.

To get more personalized recommendations and to see how you stack up against your peers, take the IT Benchmark for Application Development. You can download the full research report “IT Trends and Outlooks: Why IT Should Forget About Development” immediately after filling out the 5-minute questionnaire.

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