Is 2013 the Year of Smart Savings and a Shrinking Belt?




Written by Jim Reinertsen, VP of Federal Sales, North America

Today GovWin released its “Federal IT Resolutions: What’s in Store for 2013.” Unsurprisingly, Resolution #1 is “Get out of debt/start saving.” One of the details underneath Resolution #1 is “Agencies will invest in cost-saving IT enablers…as budgets allow.” This paragraph details cloud and virtualization – the top buzzword technologies associated with cost savings. However, as we know from my last blog post, 70 percent of the federal IT budget is spent on legacy systems. Does it make sense to jump to new technologies/solutions without addressing ways to modernize mission critical systems AND create significant cost savings? I don’t think so.

Resolution #2 is to “Lose weight.” GovWin isn’t talking about America’s waistline, but unneeded and redundant programs taking funding and resources from more important mission efforts. How can agencies streamline or reduce if they don’t know what they have? (If you have a mainframe-based system, we can help you identify unused and duplicative code and unneeded programs to create cost savings.)

Yes, for mainframe-based legacy systems, modernizing and creating cost savings in year one is Micro Focus’ sweet spot. However, this issue is much larger than mainframe-based systems and applications. To get out of our current debt, the public and private sector need to come together to provide true solutions to enable IT advancement, create savings, address cloud and mobile access and do so in a low-risk manner. Do you have ideas to create cost savings? Share your ideas. Connect with us in the comments section below, on Facebook or Twitter.

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