Introducing Visual COBOL R3.

20 January 2011 promises to be an exciting day for developers, development teams and their managers. That’s the day the new face of COBOL development and deployment will be revealed.

Visual COBOL R3 is the next generation of COBOL development and deployment tools, delivering FREEDOM, CHOICE and MORE.  The FREEDOM to build applications with true portability. The FREEDOM to deploy wherever you want: JVM, .NET, AZURE today and in the future. The CHOICE of VS2010 or Eclipse. Visual COBOL is the platform for building applications that meet even the most demanding requirements.  And MORE COBOL language enhancements delivering MORE productivity, faster

Visual COBOL R3 will be launched at a series of live events being held worldwide via the web on 20 January 2011. We’d love you to be part of this defining moment in the future of COBOL development and deployment.


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