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At Micro Focus, behaving responsibly as an organization, both internally and externally, is at the heart of what we stand for. Today, I am thrilled to announce our new Corporate Social Responsibility initiative – Micro Focus INSPIRE. This company-wide program covers every aspect of the organization, including social and environmental responsibility, as we aim to make a positive impact on the markets and communities that Micro Focus plays within.

Through the five pillars of Micro Focus INSPIRE, we aim to continue our commitment to behave responsibly and ethically, to contribute to social economic development, to improve the quality of life of our workforce, to be a responsible partner for our customers and contribute to our local communities and society. The Five Pillars of Micro Focus INSPIRE are: Employees, Marketplace, Ethics & Values, Environment & Sustainability, and Community & Social Impact

5 pillars


Although we are announcing our new framework today, being a socially responsible business has been at the heart of Micro Focus since day one. We have always seen a huge drive to corporate social responsibility within our company, and our employees continue to jump into volunteer work with passion. Recognizing the current state of the world and the need to focus even more on our surroundings and the world around us, we have given Micro Focus employees two additional volunteer days, bringing the total to four volunteer days a year – an initiative that went into place immediately when we saw our Micro Focus employees jumping into action, going above and beyond to help their communities during these uncertain times. With everything from homemade masks to food and diaper donations. We are extremely proud and grateful for these acts of kindness we have seen in our company, and continue to see as we all navigate this new normal.

Raising the bar regardless

As we continue to work through these uncertain times, Micro Focus and its employees have found additional ways to help make a difference.

Not only will Micro Focus donate all of the sponsorship dollars, combined with company funds, for our upcoming North America Micro Focus Virtual Universe event to charities supporting the fight against COVID-19. Micro Focus is also partnering with several of our channel partners in North America such as Whitlock Infrastructure Solutions who are donating to Operation Homefront, which aims to help military families impacted by the effects of COVID-19.

Similarly, at an idividual employee level, over 3,000 Micro Focus employees in India worked together to raise donations through a voluntary contribution program, raising over $20,000 to be donated to The Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations Fund (PM CARES Fund), used for relief efforts against the spread of COVID-19.

In addition to our focus on volunteering and assisting with the current state of uncertainty with the new Micro Focus INSPIRE program, Micro Focus has also joined the Tech She Can Charter, a group of organizations who have pledged to work together to tackle gender imbalance in the technology industry. Additionally, Micro Focus has joined the Education Business Partnership (EBP) Hi-Tech Horizons program, pledging our commitment to help reach 50,000 students over the next five years by leading interactive workshops engaging students, and inspiring them about futures in technology.

With the Micro Focus INSPIRE program, we aim to keep our values of responsibility, accountability and partnership alive within Micro Focus. These will be embedded into our company culture and at the heart of our business decisions. For more information on Micro Focus INSPIRE, please visit our website.

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