Introducing “Doug Serena, CIO”

What does a CIO experience in the boardroom?  How does an IT senior leadership team rally to address a major business challenge?  How do IT management systems support IT success?  Finally, what pressures do hard-edged executives bring to bear on the CIO?

We created the new web miniseries “Doug Serena, CIO” to answer these questions and to show the benefit of orchestrating IT.  It’s a hero’s journey through major business challenges, setbacks and personal frustrations to the Promised Land of boardroom-level business success.

It was fun to bring this idealized story to life and we think it will be fun to watch.  But the goal is to be informative about how IT leadership teams can use Orchestrated IT systems to help them take their rightful place as boardroom players and heroes.

The miniseries includes five 5-minute webisodes, viewable here at or on our YouTube channel.  While it features Serena’s Orchestrated IT solutions, it’s designed to be of interest to non-Serena shops as well.

The premiere episode is viewable now.  It sets the stage by dramatizing a crisis engulfing the business and the need for IT to come to the rescue.  I hope you find it an interesting and worthwhile way to spend 5 minutes.

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