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We’re just a few weeks away from publishing our ALM research survey based on almost 1000 IT professionals. One thing that’s clear: when it comes to understanding what’s going on across IT, IT is often in the dark. Customers tell me the same thing: they have good tools especially in development, but when it comes to gaining insight across all their IT processes, they face massive challenges. Different platforms, expensive “heavyweight” Business Intelligence tools, localized processes. IT doesn’t need more Business Intelligence – IT needs IT Intelligence!

What is “IT Intelligence” exactly? IT Intelligence is insight into all IT processes, tools, infrastructure, mainframe and more. It’s not just reporting on release status or seeing the Service Level Agreement (SLA) for a help desk team. It’s understanding how all IT processes, data and metrics all relate to each other, so IT can be as effective as possible.

IT Intelligence allows everyone from IT executives to team members to external stakeholders to understand what’s going on across all IT. For example:

  • IT management: can see cycle times for each step needed to deliver what the business needs, as well as potential bottlenecks across all teams and projects
  • Business users: know the status of all their enhancement requests and have visibility into which release trains they are slated for
  • Business analysts: have full traceability across all requirements, code, test plans associated with the business demands
  • Developers: can view cross-project development and QA cycle times, amount of turnovers, requirements and test coverage, etc.
  • Service reps: can view SLA metrics for different types of requests

IT Intelligence isn’t just BI reinvented. IT needs insight without all the custom programming, long deployments and rigid modeling that plague traditional BI tools. In order for IT to gain better knowledge and understanding, IT Intelligence should be:

  • Quick to deploy
  • Work across any IT process, platform and tool
  • Easy to adapt to changing tools or processes
  • Highly personalizable for anyone in the IT value chain

I encourage you to see IT Intelligence for yourself. You can try out an interactive demo of our new Orchestrated IT Dashboard.

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