INSPIRE 20 Podcast: It’s Semra Barutchu from Infosys



Oh! We’re halfway there

And just like that, we have made it to episode 10, the halfway point of our INSPIRE 20 podcast series! We have an exciting episode in store for you today, as we are joined by Semra Barutchu, Vice President and Head of Engineering Services for Asia at Infosys, to share with us what Infosys has done as a company to build an award winning I&D program.

While we all aim to have effective I&D programs at our companies, it takes a lot of work, planning, strategy and adoption to create an award winning I&D program, and Infosys has done the work to create a tremendous program, focused on employees with disabilities at their company. Infosys has built this inclusivity into their core values of the company, and have introduced guidelines to ensure they support the integration of employees with disabilities, both physically and technologically, as Semra explains in the podcast. This effective approach has allowed Infosys to break down their inclusive environment even further, questioning everything from how they onboard an employee with a disability, to how they create a working environment that is both safe and inclusive.

Specific skills

In addition to the work being done at Infosys, Semra shares with us some more information about the work she does in collaboration with the NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Service Companies) Foundation to set up a National Digital Literary Mission center to help empower people with disabilities. The foundation does amazing work to encourage inclusion in the community, both by educating the communities, and by helping people with disabilities find jobs. They also help to develop programs that teach specific skills sets that will help people with disabilities succeed in their new roles – be sure to check out this outstanding foundation today!

So, what can you do to help create a more inclusive company? Semra shares with us that building an inclusive environment is truly a cultural shift. There must be full commitment from the leadership, as the inclusivity and directive will come from the top down. And the inclusivity must be embraced and implemented at every level of the organization, shown in every policy, in every office, and at the core of the company.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to the important and informative messages that Semra has to share with us on inclusivity in the workplace! Be sure to subscribe today to listen on Apple, Spotify, and Soundcloud, and check out TechBeacon for more information on Semra and our INSPIRE 20 series.

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