Impressive Community at Puppet Camp

Last week I was able to get the most out of my trip to Austin by attending Puppet Camp and then DevOpsDays.  Puppet Camp was a high quality event with great sessions.  The content was quite varied and really resonated with me.  I’ve noticed that the Puppet community is undergoing phenomenal growth and I’m impressed with the level of community engagement.  Initiatives such as and Puppet Forge make community involvement easier than ever.  A couple of highlights from the event…

@GrandmaHenri, a technical writer at Puppet Labs, presented a session on how to document modules on the Puppet Forge.  This should keep the quality of submissions to Puppet Forge high and help people find the appropriate modules to use.

Adrian Thebo did a session on “Writing and Sharing Great Modules on the Puppet Forge” and provided good programming advice for all of the Puppet users in the room with or without a programming background.  Acronyms like MDD (Mistake Driven Development) got a lot of sheepish grins and people readily admitted to testing Puppet code in production! I think everyone came away with ideas on how to improve what they were doing.

There were many other sessions that were just as excellent and a cut above what I’m used to seeing at these types of events.  I’m looking forward to PuppetConf in August!

A big thank you to Dawn Foster (@geekygirldawn) for helping to organize an amazing event and for helping to build an awesome community.  I hope to see everyone I met at Puppet Camp at PuppetConf in August.

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