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I was already aware that most organizations are modernizing rather than staying with the status quo. However, according to Barry Baker, VP, IBM Z Software, they are not ripping and replacing; they are leveraging their current mainframe (in the case of IBM Think, the discussion was around IBM Z), for digital transformation*. Organizations are changing what they do, but are using current systems to do it.

Mainframe systems – not in decline

While the IBM Z continues to grow, IBM will continue to support this platform. Think about it for a moment, would visitors to IBM Think be able to attend the session without the mainframe? The attendees used it to reserve their hotel and plane tickets, check in, pay for their reservations, and food. We all live through the mainframe. Perhaps that is there are over 40 million MIPS globally*.

With the mainframe at the heart of many organizations, IBM must ensure it continues to evolve. Customers are less concerned about what is being developed, and what platform it is on, than whether it works. So no matter what mainframe system an organization has, or how they modernize it, the bottom line is that they, and their end users and customers, can use it.

Organizations must implement modernization strategies that (a) work for their business and (b) support their customers. They are less concerned with what everyone else is doing, than making sure what they do works best for them….!

Customer challenges

Our customer meetings gave us some important insights. They either want, or need:

1/ security with the mainframe
2/ to develop new apps using COBOL and modern languages
3/ to modernize the mainframe application delivery process
4/ modern access to host systems.

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Micro Focus solutions

a) Modernize the host application experience across desktops, mobile and cloud
b) Automate complex multi-screen workflows and deliver them as web services
c) Integrate host applications with modern architectures such as .NET and Java
d) Protect host applications and data with identity-powered access control, encryption and data masking

Modern COBOL development tools work with other languages to offer programmers an unrivaled development experience. AppDev teams can work better together in building, testing, and releasing new functionality, faster. Download this e-book and take a depper dive into modern COBOL development alongside Java and .NET

Organizations must move beyond outdated concepts of ‘terminal emulation’. They must consider how new methods meet their host connectivity requirements. A new world of modernization best practices, and host applications that are easy to use, integrate and manage; that are more secure, all avoid the cost and risk of ‘rip and replace’. Learn more about Host Connectivity.

Next steps

Whether you attended IBM Think or not, anyone can start their ‘Digital Reinvention’ today! We are not strangers to the IBM community either. We have worked with IBM Systems Magazine to look at mainframe modernization in some detail – check out our recent ebook, Digital Transformation: The Irresistible Force of Change?

Additionally you can start your journey by downloading the IDC whitepaper, Modernization: A Flexible Approach to Digital Transformation.

Lastly, if I can be of any help personally, don’t hesitate to find me on Twitter so we can chat more.

* From the session: IBM Z: Accelerating Digital Transformation for Your Business, Barry Baker, VP, IBM Z Software, IBM Think Session 2019


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